Closet Organizers | How Much Do Custom Closet Organizers Cost?

Closet Factory Walk in Closet and IslandWhen I was working out of one of our showrooms, we’re National, I would get this question all the time. And frankly it’s hard to answer without sending a closet designer to your home to work with you on a design.

Closet Factory’s material offerings for our closet organizer systems are vast, so is our feature selection, and specialty accessories. Because of this, it’s too difficult to quote a price without measuring the closet, and finding out what you need and want. It’s also one of the main reasons we offer a free in-home design consultation.

That being said I understand that some of you are first time buyers and may not feel comfortable having a designer out to your home to create a design solution without knowing what price range custom closet systems run.  The following points should help you understand some of our pricing guidelines:


    1. Design establishes a baseline for price. Every section you want or need created in your closet design will add cost, regardless of whether a section is narrow to store a couple robes or wide packed with blouses.  Wide or narrow, a section costs the same. Depth of material however will alter the price.


    1. Components used for each section will also influence the price. Shelves and rods will keep price down while drawers and doors will bring price up. Part of the consultation with your closet designer will focus on best practices for storing different types of garments.


    1. Material selected will influence price. Custom stained and painted wood is on the high end of the spectrum while white melamine will be on the low. Melamine that has a wood look will be in the middle.


    1. Moldings are not a necessity they are for style only. Adding trim pieces such as crown and base molding add cost.


  1. Accessories can be added later if you are working on a tight budget. Some accessories such as a tilting hamper need to be installed at the same time as your custom closet system but not the majority. Your designer can give you choices.

To get an accurate price or price range you’ll need to meet with one of our designers for a free design consultation. Most Closet Factory locations have a minimum new order charge of $750. Small walk-in closets start at $1,000 and go into thousands depending on design, materials, accessories and features.

Request a no obligation in-home design appointment to find out how much your closet will cost!


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