Closet Organizers | Cedar Closets – 3 Ways To Add Cedar To Your Closet

cedar closet

Some people believe cedar is the perfect solution to a moth problem while others love the aroma. Cedar does have a couple benefits when added to a closet.

1st Fights Moisture: Not commonly known, cedar helps absorb moisture and is a great addition to damp small spaces that attract mold and mildew.

2nd Helps to repel moths: Moths can do a great deal of damage to your clothing by chewing holes right through the fabric. Mothballs have a terrible smell and toxic properties while cedar is a safe alternative solution.

If moisture or a moth problem exists then it’s a good idea to add cedar to your closet. The question is whether it’s best to include it in the closet organizer system or before your new organizer system is installed as part of your closet preparation.

    1. Add cedar to the walls of the closet. This can be done before your closet is installed or you can have your designer include cedar backing as part of your closet organizer system. Cedar comes in strips for a tongue and groove application or in large sheets for use in cabinetry as backing.

Cedar can be used on the closet floor for closets that have moisture issues like those found in rooms below the foundation. This is also a good option for homes close to the ocean where the air is frequently damp. In this case you would want to have the cedar installed before the closet system.

Small spaces in the closet system make excellent places for the added cedar protection without having to have the entire closet done. Not everyone wants the smell of cedar lingering on clothing conflicting with perfume or cologne. In this case lining a bottom of a couple drawers or placing cedar behind a shelving area covered with doors can provide the right solution.

For more ideas on how cedar can best be used in your closet project set a free design consultation with a Closet Factory designer.


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